Windows 8 is here. 
So now what?

Whether we like it or not the next generation of Operating Systems is here... Windows 8. We are standing on the brink of a milestone transition in the PC world. Take a deep breath and put on your "let's do this" face. 

We here at iHub3D have been following the tech blogs recently and are seeing a range of Yays and Nays ranging from hate mail to top notch praise. "Walt Mossberg " from Wall Street Journal calls it a "Radical overhaul".

Windows 8 Live Tile Screen


Invivo5.2 released Sept 3, 2012

We here at iHub3D use the Invivo software as one of our main go-to imaging packages. Our technicians have been using InvivoDental for many years and know  the intimate details of all the nooks and crannies.

Anatomage just released it's latest update Invivo5.2. We took a fine tooth comb to it and brought you all the new updates and what they do.

Enjoy the review.


What the heck is iHub3D?

Simply put, iHub3D is the iTunes of CT and Cone Beam CT (CBCT) services.
We bring 3rd party service providers directly to you. iHub3D is a platform for shopping 3D imaging services for your patient scans.


Cover all the angles

Get your patient's scan read by a Medical Radiologist. Know what is going on with your patient. Get quick, easy, and secure Radiology Reports where and when you need them.


Move your diagnosis to 3D

Get your CT, or CBCT case traced in 3D using the latest hi-tech treatment planning software. We offer traditional 2D lateral and frontal images as well as 3D turnaround videos. 

Ceph3D's services give you structural analysis all the way around. Now you can see real 3D reference planes and know how all the skeletal and soft tissue structures are related to each other.