Invivo5.2 released Sept 3, 2012

We here at iHub3D use the Invivo software as one of our main go-to imaging packages. Our technicians have been using InvivoDental for many years and know  the intimate details of all the nooks and crannies.

Anatomage just released it's latest update Invivo5.2. We took a fine tooth comb to it and brought you all the new updates and what they do.

Enjoy the review.
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10/18/2012 03:16:53 am

Looking forward to trying the upgrade. Anatomage 5 and 5.1 made all the difference in the world as I learned to manage the incredible CBCT technology (I started in 2008 with Iluma & iCat).

10/18/2012 04:18:49 am

It's definitely a recommended update. The Quick Slice Explorer is a great new tool!
We built the Invivo5.2 review to be a quick training guide too so be sure to keep it next to you when you start playing with the new tools.

I agree, Invivo5 and Invivo5.1 were landmark updates. Looking forward to the next big rumored upgrade to Invivo6.

Dr. Wachinski
11/5/2012 06:53:21 am

Glad to see Anatomage putting out updates. Thanks for the info.

Does iHub3D offer any training on the Invivo software?

11/5/2012 09:36:38 am

Hello Dr. Wachinski,

YES! We are offering virtual VIP training. Please email us directly at and we will nail down details with you.


iHub3D Team

8/31/2017 09:02:09 am

I e-mailed the company many times asking fir the prices but i get no answer at all, does any one know how much the Invivo5 cost and also the price of the anatomedl and 3D surgical simulation.


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