Move your diagnosis to 3D

Get your CT, or CBCT case traced in 3D using the latest hi-tech treatment planning software. We offer traditional 2D lateral and frontal images as well as 3D turnaround videos. 

Ceph3D's services give you structural analysis all the way around. Now you can see real 3D reference planes and know how all the skeletal and soft tissue structures are related to each other. 

Ceph3D Services

There are a few different options when ordering. Ceph3D offers three service packages: Basic, Intermediate, & Pro.
Basic: traced in 3D and provided in 2D .jpg images of analysis and volume
Intermediate: Basic package plus a simple 3D turnaround video of analysis and volume
Pro: Basic package plus an "In Depth" 3D turnaround video of analysis and volume

Ceph3D services - Images

Ceph3D services - Videos

Ceph3D - Pro 
With the Pro package you receive a video like this.
Ceph3D - Intermediate
The Intermediate package includes a simple turn around video

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