What the heck is iHub3D?

Simply put, iHub3D is the iTunes of CT and Cone Beam CT (CBCT) services.
We bring 3rd party service providers directly to you. iHub3D is a platform for shopping 3D imaging services for your patient scans.

How does it all work?

Order - the services you want
Send - the case to us once
Receive - all the records you order in one convenient location easy, convenient, and secure, customized for you.

Why we do it!

Essentially, to save you and your staff valuable time.
We have spent years working directly with Dental and Medical offices and have realized that time is of the essence. Now days every minute counts, especially when offices are looking to maximize their financial crunches.

How many times have you had to track a patient record for 3rd party services? Instead of sending, tracking, receiving, downloading, losing, misplacing, mixing up every single case to multiple places, now you can track everything your case needs all in one place, iHub3D. 
Take a look at the iHub3D Process works

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