Windows 8 is here. 
So now what?

Whether we like it or not the next generation of Operating Systems is here... Windows 8. We are standing on the brink of a milestone transition in the PC world. Take a deep breath and put on your "let's do this" face. 

We here at iHub3D have been following the tech blogs recently and are seeing a range of Yays and Nays ranging from hate mail to top notch praise. "Walt Mossberg " from Wall Street Journal calls it a "Radical overhaul".

Windows 8 Live Tile Screen

There are a ton of tech and feature reviews already out there and surely more to come. We will not cover these. 
What we will cover however is how you can put these new features to use in your Dental Practice. 

NOTE: Microsoft specifically says that their new Live Tile screen is NOT called "Metro" even though everyone is calling it that. 
From here on out we will call the "Interface Formally Known as Metro" - "Live Tile Screen".

Two Windows 8 Versions

First and foremost, if you have managed not to read any reviews or see one of the ton of videos, there are two distinct versions of Windows 8 out there.

Windows 8 RT (WinRT) - is the new OS for tablet type devices. This is mainly the Live Tile Screen. You will NOT be able to install programs like Photoshop, & iTunes or games like Call of Duty, etc. However, you WILL be able to still access a traditional and fully functional desktop, which is rare for a tablet feature.

Windows 8 - This is the traditional Windows OS for desktop PCs and fully functioning laptops. You will still get the new Live Tile Screen.

Two different versions called similar things can be a little confusing. When you are looking to purchase or upgrade your personal or Dental office computers you will need to know which will work best for your purposes. 
Here are some quick suggestions:
- Do you need to install Dental software packages?  Windows 8
- Do you just want a portable tablet/"Slim-book" for presentation? - Windows RT

Here is a link to's 
Windows 8 vs Windows RT: What's the Difference?
This is a good quick read for specific differences.
By Gary Marshall October 27th

Windows 8 Features - Dental Office Possibilties

The Live Tile Screen essentially is an overlay window that is replacing the Start menu. It's more of a "Start Screen".
The fresh new interface can help keep you up do date on all the latest things. The Live Tile Screen is basically a compilation of all the things we were doing already. It will automatically update images, email, notifications, etc. all on one screen. If you sign into your Windows 8 with a singular Windows Live ID you can sync all of your computers with the same images, videos, music, using apps like SkyDrive. This is great for keeping you and all your staff on the same page.
We have broken things down into two catagories: 
  • Getting Work Done - This is the bare bones, back of the house work that needs to be done daily, hourly, etc. 
  • Consultations & Presentations - Capitalizing on Windows 8 new features and putting them to use effectively.

Getting Work Done

We all know PCs are really for getting core work done in the office. The good news is there is a fully functional desktop that is easily accessible from the Live Tile Screen with just a click, or touch. 
  • Live Tile Screen auto updates
  • Dependable, familiar, and accessible desktop
  • Productivity Tips 
Live Tile Screen Auto Updates
Now instead of checking all your business information in different locations you get all your updates on one screen. Many reviews are downplaying the new interface but with a few quick steps you can get everything your business may need in one location. This can save tons of time.
Published on Oct 26, 2012 by Santhosh Suryavanshi
Windows 8: What to expect for Desktop/Laptops
Don't worry, the dependable, familiar, good old desktop is still there. You can access the desktop right form the Live Tile Screen. Microsoft has made the decision to automatically launch you into the Live Tile Screen instead of the Desktop. 
The video is a little shaky but Calvin touches on some good points.
Published on Jul 6, 2012 by Calvin McClendon
Productivity Tips for Windows 8
Things are definitely different, but with a little patience and an open mind, your work flow can improve. 
Published on Aug 17, 2012 by PixelWorld

Consultations & Presentations

This is where the new features will really shine! Show demo images synced between all your Windows 8 computers and give amazing consultations!
  • Consumer Preview Demo
  • Images & Videos With the Photo App
  • Syncing Multiple Windows 8 computers
  • Amazing Consultations & Presentations
Windows 8 Consumer Preview Demo
Get a quick look at what's new.
Published on Mar 5, 2012 by techvideosclub
Images & Videos With the Photo App
Show images of your practice, happy patients, videos of your events, treatment results, etc. There are tons of opportunities here.
Published on Jun 26, 2012 by BuildingWindows
Syncing Multiple Windows 8 Computers
Keep all your computers updated with your latest content. Consistency is key.
Published on May 21, 2012 by CNETTV
Amazing Consultations & Presentations
Now that Microsoft has implemented touch screen interaction into their mainstream there are many opportunities to take advantage of these tools in consultations and presentations. 
Uploaded by IntuiLabIPtv on Oct 24, 2011
Microsoft is taking a big gamble by instituting a transition so bold. I do give them credit for taking the stand. It's a chance but it needs to be taken. As we all know there isn't much of a choice in Operating Systems when you purchase a PC. Microsoft has been notorious for forcing us to adapt to what they are putting out. However, we still have a voice. We all remember the Vista fiasco. Microsoft listened. They answered with a solid Windows 7. If you truly don't like Windows 8 it's simple, just don't upgrade your OS. Windows 7 will be a robust OS for a long time, just look at WindowsXP. 

As for the new features, personally I like them and am excited to start putting them to work. I am always looking to consolidate my time, energy, and technology. If I can get all my updates for work, or personal in one place, great! Bring it on. There may be some bugs and annoying features, sure but every new big step in technology does. Microsoft may not be as "Launch-Savvy" as Apple but I think Microsoft is onto something good. Look for some tweaks from Microsoft as they hopefully still have an open ear to UI enhancements and interactivity updates. 

Windows App store is barren compared to Apple's but even their's was when they first released it. I'm excited to see some creative apps coming out soon. I'm sure that whatever Microsoft does not fix, some creative programmer will. 

Windows 8 works great for consumers with tablets and touch computers. It really is designed for them. The work world is a little more concerned as it may effect overall productivity by feature location changes and now we all have access to WAY more distracting info in the Live Tile Screen. You can't really be mad at your employee for checking their Facebook status if Microsoft automatically puts right in front of them. Of course there will be controls for what the Live Tile Screen can access. It just might mean a little more tweaking on the Office Manager's part. 

Overall Windows 8 is a step in the right direction. Even though it may not be specifically designed for the working group, there are a ton of great possibilities. Putting all the new features into action will be exciting, annoying, productive, & distracting. I'm actually looking forward to it.

  • New Live Tile Screen for keeping up to date quickly
  • Touch integrations great for consultations and presentations
  • Built in new security features
  • Sync multiple computers
  • Trusted desktop interface remains
  • Usable with or without touch screen
  • SkyDrive integration
  • Quick split screen enhancements
  • Sharing information is easier with Share charm
  • Can't find your patient's files? Just start typing and the search window automatically comes up
  • Better dual screen interactions

  • New design designed for touch interface
  • Integration will require retraining for you and your staff
  • Windows App store doesn't have many apps (yet)
  • Irk-y mouse interactions designed for touch interface
  • Windows Live ID for full syncing and integrations
  • Split screen feature is limited to 3rds and proportions cannot be adjusted 
  • Not all things appear in Search charm i.e. printers, uninstallers, etc. You must know to search for Control Panel, then use that search bar
  • "All Apps" screen in the Live Tile Screen is clunky and cluttered
  • Right Click options have been moved all the way to the bottom of the screen

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Other Good Windows 8 Feature Review Links

WSJ Personal Technology Columnist Walt Mossberg reviews Microsoft's Windows 8, the company most significant overhaul of the operating system in more than 15 years.
Published on Oct 17, 2012 by WSJDigitalNetwork

Lisa Gade reviews the Microsoft Surface RT Windows 8 RT tablet.
Published on Oct 27, 2012 by MobileTechReview

This is a great webpage that breaks down all of the new features pretty well. 

Published by Brendon Bengtson of iHub3D Nov 2nd, 2012
Dr. Everett
11/5/2012 06:42:11 am

Thanks for the review! It was very helpful.
I had a lot of doubts about Windows 8 and this clears a lot of things up.

Dr. William Peterson
11/8/2012 07:25:10 am

Can't wait to put some of these new features to use. Thanks for putting all this together.


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